Biome: A Queen City Biennial

Marissa 'Revery' Napoletano: The Biome Ball

Welcome To
Biome: A Queen City Biennial

As we introduce Biome: A Queen City Biennial to our community, a moment of shared understanding: A biome is a complex community of flora and fauna coexisting within a major habitat.

Because we are the species living on this patch of stolen land—creators, doers, makers, dreamers—our very existence defines this biome, this Queen City of the Plains. We live where the coniferous forest becomes grasslands—and Biome lives at Grasslands in the Art District on Santa Fe, specifically. We are here to celebrate fine art through community, inclusivity and biennial exhibition. 

We are Biome: A Queen City Biennial, and we will launch our inaugural art exhibition in the Fall of 2022. 


Biome: A Queen City Biennial is no longer accepting submissions.

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Biome celebrates fine art through community, inclusivity, and biennial exhibition

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